Expert IT talent like you is becoming scarce for organizations running Oracle software. Changes in the workforce make it hard for customers to retain expert talent, as qualified IT experts in Oracle software are either retiring or flocking to something new. At the same time, innovation is creating a need for new skills while the pool of experts remains very small. 

This webinar is a “must view” if you have asked yourself any of these questions:  


  • With Oracle experts who understand legacy systems becoming rarer, what is our plan for ensuring we have access to these skills when we need them? 
  • As innovation and digital projects become priorities to the business, what alternatives would we choose if we could bring in the right skills at the right time? 
  • What are the best methods to retain and hire hard-to-find Oracle skillsets? 


  • In the midst of the tech talent shortage, is my skill set among the rare ones needed to support Oracle applications? 
  • As my company innovates, will it become necessary for me to reskill in order to support Oracle applications that move to the cloud? How will I keep my skills relevant? 

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