Onboarding & Archiving Services

Enabling Clients to Evolve and Grow Under Rimini Street Support

Rimini Street’s structured ISO 9001:2008 certified onboarding process not only ensures a seamless transition of responsibility and entitlements from the software vendor but also preserves your ability to upgrade to an entitled version in the future, at a time of your choosing. Rimini Street provides the following types of support:

  • Roles, Resources and Responsibilities — Clear roles and responsibilities with guidelines and communication protocols to forge strong working partnerships are established with your teams upfront.
  • Technical Knowledge Transfer — In-depth familiarity with your systems developed during onboarding — including infrastructure, customizations, past support cases and staff — is key to implementing a successful support program.
  • Strategic Account Management — Rimini Street Account Managers serve as the single business point of contact during the onboarding process and throughout the life of the contract to not only ensure a smooth transition to Rimini Street but also to maximize the value of your return on your ERP investments. These highly personalized services are included at no additional charge with an annual Support Services agreement.

The Value of Managed Archiving: Preserve the Flexibility to Upgrade at a Time of Your Choosing

Our managed archiving process ensures that you can continue to evolve and upgrade to the next release you are entitled to while under Rimini Street support. You have access to all the software you have paid for, and can upgrade at a time of your choosing, if your business needs require it. Your archive will contain all upgrades, updates, patches and documentation that you are entitled to. Archiving managed by Rimini Street under ISO 9001:2008 procedures has several important benefits:

  • Experience — Rimini Street has performed over 800 archives. Archiving is a complex process and it takes years of experience to ensure the optimal approach to taking possession of the materials that you have paid for.
  • Quality — Rimini Street’s ISO 9001:2008 compliant processes help ensure that you will get all the components that are needed. These processes also ensure that the intellectual property of the vendor is protected.
  • Resources — By leveraging Rimini Street to manage your archive, your team can focus on more important issues.

Archiving the releases you’ve licensed, while not required, can be important to get the most out of the investment you’ve made in your enterprise software. But it’s not easy. Don’t go it alone. Leverage Rimini Street’s experience in helping hundreds of clients safely archive their licensed software releases.

Key Components of Rimini Street Onboarding Process

  • Project Preparation and Management — Establish resources, roles & responsibilities, communications and change management.
  • Software Archive Management — Scope and execute archive components including notes, patches, installation and upgrade software.
  • Technical Onboarding Management — Manage connectivity, technical infrastructure and archive transition.
  • Tax and Regulatory Management — Confirm global tax, legal and regulatory specifications.
  • Strategic Account Management — Governance, communication and post-onboarding management.

Key Components of Rimini Street Managed Archiving Process

  • Review archive scope in detail for current systems.
  • Define downloads and priorities based on client goals and future plans.
  • Recommend guidelines and best practices based on research by product line experts.
  • Execute searches and download targeted patches and software components based on priorities defined.
  • Determine, scope and archive all legally entitled support downloads.
  • Client places order for shipment or download.

ISO Certification Means Enhanced Quality and Security

The Rimini Street onboarding process is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001:2005 compliant to ensure quality and security. Rimini Street is the only provider of independent software support to be ISO 9001:2008 and 27001:2005 certified.

ISO 27001:2005

ISO 9001:2008

Proven Client Success

“When we first came on with Rimini Street, they exceeded our expectations. They had a well laid-out plan for onboarding, followed it to a ‘T,’ and were able to answer all of our questions. It was a very smooth transition to get onto their model of support.”

— VP of Architecture & Delivery, Major Retailer