Rimini Street: A Smarter Strategy for SAP Customers

Cost Savings

Cost Savings

Save up to 90% of your total cost of maintenance for your ECC platform

Premium Service

Premium Service

Award-winning support program for R/3, ECC, HANA Database and S/4HANA

Lower Risk

Lower Risk

Avoid a forced move to S/4HANA and make the best decision for your business

Faster Innovation

Faster Innovation

Drive top innovation projects today using best-in-class solutions

Join Hundreds of SAP Customers Who Are Taking Rimini Street

Whether your ultimate destination is S/4HANA, an alternative modern application, or you haven’t settled on a future platform, Rimini Street is your smart path forward. Rimini Street supports customers running SAP on all major releases, including S/4HANA, as well as customers planning an eventual reimplementation onto S/4HANA in the future after a smooth transition back to SAP.

Cost Savings

When people think about maintenance costs their primary focus is on the annual maintenance fee which only represents the tip of the iceberg. When you start looking below the water line, you find a lot of wasted dollars that are eating up your precious IT budget.

At Rimini Street, we cut your annual maintenance cost to half the amount you initially spend with SAP. The other costs below the water line go away and you end saving three-fourths of your total cost of maintenance.

Take those savings and invest in innovative and agile solutions including new cloud and internally deployed applications such as mobility, Big Data, or other new projects that your business dictates as a result of your changing environment.

Follow a Business-Driven Roadmap to Modernize Your ERP System Applications

“Many customers are looking to third-party support as a way to save money and resources and reinvest in innovation now...”

Rebecca Wettemann, Vice President, Nucleus Research

Even Larger Savings

Customers can realize even larger savings by avoiding a risky and expensive "rip and replace" implementation of S/4HANA today. We estimate it will cost the typical customer $94M to fully-deploy S/4HANA for every $1M they currently spend in current SAP annual maintenance fees. By selecting Rimini Street, customers can continue to run their stable and mature ECC platform while enjoying premium support and investing significant savings to fund innovation and drive competitive advantage today.13

“The number-one driver by far was the current steep cost of vendor maintenance compared to the value we were receiving. I have a flat IT budget, and we went from 20 percent of the budget for SAP support to nine percent with Rimini Street. That's real money I can use for other forward-looking strategic IT initiatives.”

CIO, Color Spot Nurseries

Premium Service

Rimini Street provides a MORE RESPONSIVE, premium level of service and SEVERAL ADDITIONAL SERVICE FEATURES not included with SAP's standard annual support program.

Every client is assigned a named, Primary Support Engineer, or PSE, to be your single point of contact, unlike SAP where you are routed through book-trained technicians and multiple escalation paths before finding a resource who can help. Rimini Street only has senior engineers and does not use a "tiered" call center model at all.

Rimini Street receives roughly 30,000 cases a year. 65% of those cases are related to custom code (ABAP customizations and Z-Programs), interfaces, integrations or performance tuning. These customization issues are not resolved by SAP as they only focus on the base software. Rimini Street provides support for customizations at no additional charge.

Direct and Immediate Help from Experienced, Senior-Level Engineers

“Our SAP implementation has over 1000 points of customizations. Having a dedicated Primary Support Engineer at Rimini Street has been a real time saver for us-our PSE knows us personally and understands the complete context of our technology landscape and case history. We no longer have to re-explain every support situation, which saves a lot of time and has drastically improved the support experience overall.”

Deputy CIO, Multnomah County

Rimini Street delivers skilled engineering expertise available to help you maintain, monitor, extend and innovate your stable, highly functional SAP applications for at least 15 years. Our support services are guaranteed with a 15-minute response time for critical issues. Don't just take our word for it. Compare for yourself.

Product Support Services
Rimini Street
Installation & Upgrade Support - Full support before, during and after you upgrade
Application & Repository & Documentation Fixes - Targeted to specific issues for faster resolution
Global Tax, Legal & Regulatory Updates - More frequent and localized updates by geography
Named, Regional Primary Support Engineer Per Client - With > 15 years' real-world experience
Named Global Account Manager Per Client - Ensures consistent & responsive engagement
24/7/365 Global Support & 15-Minute Guaranteed Response Times - For all Priority 1 issues
Full Customization Support - Receive the same level of service for all custom code
Full Support Of Current Release With No Forced Upgrades - For at least 15 Years
Configuration Support - Full understanding of your options based on your applications software
Interoperability Support - Keeping you current with the latest best practices
Performance Support - Across multiple database and application environments
Client Decides The Response Priority - Instead of navigating vendor support escalation process
Vendor-Neutral Roadmap Services - Leverage the best industry offers & customer experience
Flexible & Open Paths To The Cloud - Combine support & infrastructure savings without lock-in
Holistic & Layered Security - Proactively detect & preempt threats for all DBs & Applications
Up To 90% Annual Cost Savings - Based on independent, real-world client interviews

Lower Risk

Rimini Street helps SAP customers mitigate the cost and risk of their SAP application strategy in the short and long term, freeing up your money, your people and your time to invest in innovation now to drive sustainable competitive advantage - whether you choose to implement S/4HANA now or defer the decision to a later date.

This strategy gives you the flexibility to evaluate S/4HANA over time relative to the ECC capabilities you have today. If and when it makes sense, you can easily return to SAP, or if S/4HANA does not meet expectations or there is a better fit solution available, you avoided making a wrong decision and are positioned to move forward successfully.

Faster Innovation

ERP today needs to transform and add support for mobile, analytics, and social - not just provide process transactions. But SAP can't innovate fast enough: they acquire yesterday's innovators while the real innovators have long moved on to new ways of delivering real value. Instead of paying SAP maintenance fees for functionality you are not likely to use, you can add real value to your business by using the budget you've been spending on constant ERP software upgrades to do what you've always wanted to do but never had the time or money to do: continue to grow and modify your ERP system to best serve the true business needs of your organization. The funds you save with Rimini Street support can give you the budgetary boost to add innovative cloud apps and services to your organization - the things that will actually help you grow your business and increase operational efficiency.

Learn More About Your SAP Support Options

These client success stories, analyst reports, and resources can help you map a clear path to drive sustainable competitive advantage whether you choose to implement S/4HANA now or defer the decision to a later date.

Learn More About Your SAP Support Options
Learn More About Your SAP Support Options

By switching to Rimini Street, we reduced our annual costs beyond support fees, avoided upgrades, plus received faster and more comprehensive service. Our organization has been able to reallocate funds to strategic IT initiatives.”

– Tae-joon Park Manager of the Management Information Team, Management Support Division
Learn More About Your SAP Support Options
Learn More About Your SAP Support Options

The decision to return to Rimini Street support from SAP was an easy one to make because we had grown accustomed to their significantly more responsive support model and were already familiar with how the process worked … I am impressed with how seamless and efficient the transition has been and feel confident that Rimini Street will once again provide exactly the support we need.”

– David Eady Director of IT

13 Rimini Street, Rimini Street’s ROI Calculator for SAP S/4HANA, assuming $1M current SAP annual maintenance fees

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