Expert Cloud Strategy Services: Vendor-Neutral Advisory, Planning, and Support

Many CIOs are turning to cloud computing as a top strategy to reduce “lights-on” spend on ERP and to improve IT’s ability to respond to today’s business priorities. Many Oracle and SAP customers are realizing their ERP vendor may not be the right cloud vendor, as they adopt a hybrid IT strategy and seek a trusted partner to help select their best cloud approach.

Rimini Street Cloud Advisory Services are designed to enable and empower clients to build an ERP cloud strategy that keeps them on a Business-Driven Roadmap, not a vendor-dictated path.


Cloud ERP vendor analysis

Cloud ERP vendor analysis

Vendor-agnostic comparative review of top cloud vendors to “lift and shift” Oracle and SAP ERP to the cloud including vendor-incentive programs.
Cloud ERP deployment models

Cloud ERP deployment models

IaaS versus SaaS strengths and weaknesses analysis for ERP environments, including best practices and client success stories.
Cloud ERP operations

Cloud ERP operations

Deep-dive considerations and recommendations for cloud ERP operations including licensing, security, performance, interoperability, and data integration.
TCO/ROI analysis for cloud ERP

TCO/ROI analysis for cloud ERP

Detailed, documented TCO/ROI analysis comparing current ERP state to proposed cloud models, including any vendor incentives.
Client-tailored cloud ERP migration plan

Client-tailored cloud ERP migration plan

Detailed project plan, offered as an additional service, with timelines and milestones, including cost of migration and running in final proposed cloud ERP solutions.

Why Rimini Street

Organizations worldwide trust Rimini Street to help them extract more value from their enterprise software investments. This includes guidance on cloud strategy to ensure the cloud path selected meets the long-term business needs of the organization.

Better model

Avoid hidden costs and pitfalls in vendors’ cloud ERP system offerings with Rimini Street cloud advisory services. Navigate complex contracts and incentive programs for cloud-based ERP systems while maintaining financial and strategic ERP roadmap control.

Better people

Robust, expert-led and responsive support for Oracle or SAP platforms enables focus and thoughtful ERP cloud strategy, planning, and execution without vendor-dictated timetables.

Better outcomes

Rimini Street saves clients up to 90% on total support costs and puts them in control of their cloud strategies. Rimini Street experts can help ensure the cloud ERP solutions under consideration aren’t just benefiting the ERP vendor, but driving measurable, sustained savings and deliver strategic benefits.

Cloud Advisory Services from Rimini Street

Compare the value

Carefully evaluate cloud ERP roadmap options before making a decision.

Vendor-Dictated Roadmap for Cloud
Business-Driven Cloud Roadmap with Rimini Street
ERP Vendor Cloud Lock-in

• Customers forced to adopt specific software releases and vendor-proprietary technologies to use a vendor’s cloud ERP, forcing long-term lock-in and loss of roadmap control

Better Model

• Innovate around the edges of ERP implementations, with the flexibility to keep current ERP fully supported for at least 15 years while choosing when and how to adopt the industry’s leading, open cloud solutions for IaaS or SaaS including hybrid IT deployments

Dated Support Approach

• Forced reliance on a dated ERP vendor support model, with technologies and resources not designed to meet most of the new operational requirements of Cloud ERP

Better People

• Rimini Street combines the world’s leading independent, third-party support for ERP with the industry’s leading cloud advisory services and support teams — to optimize cloud ERP solutions

Higher Costs and Business Risk

• Pay the vendor approximately three to ten times or more1,2 than what a company pays in annual maintenance fees today to adopt proprietary cloud ERP solutions that can reduce financial and strategic leverage in the future

Better Business Outcomes

• Predictable, sustained cost savings up to 90% on total ERP maintenance and support costs combined with the savings and benefits of open-cloud IaaS, SaaS, or hybrid IT, while maintaining full ERP roadmap control

Featured Clients

Featured Clients
Featured Clients

We log in a ticket, and Rimini Street provides root cause analysis and permanently fixes those issues. We are seeing vast improvements leading to stabilization and ability to meet our KPIs.”

– Criselda de Jesus Department Head, HCM and CRM Solutions
Featured Clients
Featured Clients

The best part is that our customers have not seen any difference. We are still working together but with upgraded and compliant systems. We can be ISO certified. This is the key to working with partners such as the UK Post Office.”

– Hugues Piet Lataudrie Row Director BO Solutions and Digital BP
Featured Clients
Featured Clients

Rimini Street took the time to understand our business needs and proposed a tailored solution to reduce our cost and improve our Oracle and SAP system operations. With Rimini Support™, we expect to reduce Oracle and SAP maintenance costs and leverage this budget to our IT infrastructure management. ”

– JinCheol Yoon Head of Digital Support Office

Break free from a vendor-dictated cloud roadmap.

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