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Oracle products are the foundation of your business. You used to receive valuable new features and functionality with your regular upgrades and maintenance fees. But as the products have become more mature, the value you receive has diminished. Many licensees today find themselves forced to upgrade just to maintain vendor support. There are also many hidden maintenance costs, like self-supporting customizations and managing time-consuming patches and updates. More than ever before, licensees are investigating third-party support as an alternative to the status quo.

Replacing your Oracle® software support and maintenance services with independent support enables your organization to benefit from innovation agility. By liberating your time, money and staff, you can invest in innovative programs that meet your business needs and drive growth.

Why Rimini Street

Rimini Street has engineered the best Oracle support program in the industry. What if you could reap all these benefits while saving 50% or more?

  • Speak with a dedicated engineer who has 15+ years of experience on your first call
  • Receive a response to a critical issue within 15 minutes
  • Get support for customizations
  • Receive expert evaluation of your interoperability challenges, security requirements and future IT roadmap
  • Guarantee this support for your Oracle product(s) for a minimum of 15 years

We deliver support for Oracle ERP and Oracle Database that increases your ROI, frees up your time and decreases your total maintenance costs. We can help with all your application management needs.

Maximize your return on your Oracle investment now.

Oracle Product Support Services

"We could not have delivered so rapidly on the development of our BDP Smart Mobile platform project without access to immediate funds as a result of moving to independent support."

Jason Bullock, Executive Director IT Global Infrastructure and Support
BDP International