Rimini Street Support for IBM Db2 database enables clients to reduce their total cost of Db2 ownership and receive ultra-responsive support. Clients can remain on their current, stable release without any required upgrades — while retaining the right to upgrade on a timeline that suits their business needs and budget. We support Db2 in conjunction with support for applications; we also support Db2 standalone.

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Supported IBM Db2 Database Releases

Rimini Street supports all platforms and editions of IBM Db2 database version 8.0 and later.

Did you know that IBM no longer fully supports Db2 releases 9.5 and earlier?3

Rimini Street will provide full support plus additional services at 50% of IBM's annual fee.


Rimini Street Advanced Database Security

Security professionals have found that traditional vendor security patching models are dated and can provide ineffective security protection. You deserve better. Rimini Street is an authorized McAfee OEM partner. Rimini Street Advanced Database Security is enhanced with technology from McAfee, to offer a comprehensive, cost-effective and advanced database security solution that moves past the weaknesses, challenges and pitfalls of traditional vendor security patching. Gain a holistic approach to security across the enterprise.

"I help new clients complete their onboarding transition from vendor support to Rimini Street support. Our core value is prioritizing our clients’ needs through close communication and rapid response."

You deserve a support program engineered for you. With Rimini Street you’ll find support engineers focused on providing the highest level of enterprise software support.

  • You’ll know your Primary Support Engineer (PSE) by name.
  • We guarantee a response to critical issues within 15 minutes.
  • Our PSEs have an average of 15 years of IBM expertise.
  • You can stay on your existing platform for at least 15 years.

Select Supported IBM Db2 Technical Components

Backing up your Rimini Street Primary Support Engineer is a team of functional and technical experts who bring deep expertise to troubleshooting all aspects and components of your Db2 system, including:

Db2 Connect
Db2 Tools for Linux, UNIX and Windows
All Platforms